Oliver Salvador

He is a security consultant, protective operations specialist and use-of-force instructor.  He has provided high risk protective services and training in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Columbia, Tunisia, Namibia, South Africa, South Sudan, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, and Hong Kong.  In Canada, he has provided protective services and bodyguard training for the 2000 World Petroleum Congress, the 2000 Toronto Municipal Election, the 2000 Federal Elections, the 2001 World Championships in Athletics, 2002 G-8 Summit, 2005 World Masters Games and 2005 Edmonton Grand Prix.  He has appeared numerous times on A-Channel News, Global News, CBC News, CTV News, and has been published in the Vancouver Sun, the Calgary Sun, the Calgary Herald, the Edmonton Journal, Alberta Venture Magazine, Avenue Magazine, Alberta Report and Oilweek Magazine regarding his views on corporate security, kidnappings of Canadians abroad, terrorism, and international security issues.  He has provided specialized training to law enforcement and private protective services personnel in the United States and Canada, and has been a course presenter at the 2001 Western Canada Use-of-Force Conference and 2005 & 2007 German Defensive Tactics Instructors Conferences in Berlin.  He is a certified security instructor with Alberta Justice and Solicitor General, and the Justice Institute of British Columbia, and has been an advisor to the Criminal Justice program at Columbia College in Calgary.

James Presbitero

He is a highly experienced security and protective services specialist.  He was responsible for the recruitment and training of over 1500 personnel for a specialized security services provider in the Philippines, and served as the head instructor for an accredited security training school, where he lectured on basic and advanced security concepts and certified all personnel in shotgun and handgun deployment.  He has also provided high-risk dignitary protection for electoral candidates at the Senatorial level during highly volatile situations in various regions throughout the Philippines.  In Canada, he has served in supervisory capacities for the proprietary security force of a major real estate investment company. He is a Certified Protection Officer with the International Foundation for Protection Officers.

Ken Renaud

He is a force protection consultant, VIP Protection Specialist, use-of-force instructor, and police and security subject matter instructor.  He was a municipal police officer for 10 years, and during his tenure wrote two departments’ procedural manuals, and was a defensive tactics and firearms training officer.  He is a graduate of the Law & Security Administration Program at Confederation College in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and has recently left full-time service after serving 22 years with the Canadian military.  The highlights of his military experience have been:  serving as an MP Platoon Commander in the 1980’s, a tour in recruiting as a Military Career Counselor from 1991 to 1994, G1 staff officer at an Army Headquarters from 1995 to 1997, Deputy Area Provost Marshal from 1997 to 1999, NATO tour overseas to Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2000 as the Canadian Task Force G1, and executive staff officer to an Army-Area Deputy Commander (one star) 2000 to 2002.  On an ongoing basis in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, he was a Military Police training course instructor for various basic and advanced subjects.  From 1999 to 2001, he made a significant contribution to the Army’s restructure of the new Military Police Companies through participating in working groups and writing and developing the stand-up instructions for the new companies.  Upon promotion to the rank of Major in 2002, he commanded the first of four Military Police Companies until late 2004.  He was a Liaison Officer to the RCMP during the G-8 Summit in 2002, and also commanded the JTF-Support Component Military Police Company during the domestic-military emergency support operation to the British Columbia forest fires in 2003.  In November 2004, He deployed once again to Bosnia and Herzegovina working at the new NATO Headquarters in Sarajevo as the Military Assistant to the NATO Political Advisor and Co-Chairman of the Defense Reform Commission (two star) until June 2005.  Selected as the NATO MP representative working on Defense Reform Commission Team 9 – Intelligence and Security, he was instrumental in the design of the new Bosnia and Herzegovina Military Police Force organization.

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